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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetism is a scientifically based new therapy discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, which facilitates the body in eliminating pathogenic infection through the stabilising of the body’s bioelectric system and balancing of the internal pH (potential of Hydrogen). Biomagnetism acts on the cells of the body, regulating both its energy and its pH which results in the elimination of pathogenic micro-organisms such as viruses, fungi, parasites, bacteria and also corrects organ dysfunctions. The discoverer of the Biomagnetic Pair, Dr. Goiz, suggests the existence of two dysfunctional bioelectric charges that are in bio-resonance within a living organism as the result of a fundamental pH change in the organs, tissues, and anatomical structures that support them. These charges originate because of different factors, such as infections brought about by the presence of pathogens, conductivity defects of the heart, nervous system or muscles, oxidative stress, psycho-emotional issues, gland dysfunctions, neuropathies, dehydration, poisonings, metabolic and/or respiratory acidosis or alkalosis, acute or chronic inflammation, sprains, fractures etc. These imbalances all respond in a specific definite way within the organism when subjected to a specific magnetic polarity and can all be balanced and corrected with the proper placement of static magnetic fields on specific locations on the organism of a magnetic strength no lower than 1500 Gauss.

"Within each of us is a spark. Call it a divine spark if you will but it is there and it can light the way to health. There are no incurable diseases. Only incurable people."

                                                                                 Dr. Bernie Siegel

Why we focus on Lyme Disease

Rob Renehan's experience with Lyme disease began in 2007 when his brother Dave became ill following a tick bite on a camping trip in Killarney Co. Kerry. As a firefighter his brother was an extremely fit and active person. Over the next 12 months he became so fatigued that he could barely continue his work. Eventually as the years past he was forced to go on long term leave. Misdiagnosed and abandoned by the medical community, Dave travelled from consultant to consultant and to every expert he could find for almost a decade in an attempt to figure out what was causing his illness. His illness grew worse as the years past with him eventually becoming almost completely incapacitated and bed bound experiencing terrible symptoms on a daily basis.


Eventually, after almost 10 years of illness, Dave received the correct diagnosis of Lyme disease and Co infections from a doctor in Spain. This doctor suggested that at this late stage of infection antibiotics may not be effective and that he might want to consider an alternative approach. She suggested he try a new therapy that she had just recently learned how to perform. The Biomagnetic Pair. Dave felt a difference after only 3 sessions. However he was still very unwell and weak and travelling to and from Spain was a huge difficulty as he was in a wheelchair at this point. After speaking with his doctor she suggested he find somebody in Ireland to treat him instead, but unable to locate anybody practicing Biomagnetism in the country at the time, the doctor suggested that somebody volunteer to train in the USA and that person could then treat Dave from home. With the assurance from the Doctor that with her guidance it would be achievable, Rob was nominated to go. And so he did. To cut a long story short, Dave is now back to his full health, fitter and stronger than he has ever been, running 5km every day and back in full time work in the job he loves as a firefighter and paramedic. He owes his recovery to Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.


Since then, Rob has dedicated his time to helping people suffering from Lyme Disease and Co infections through the use of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. This journey has led him to work extensively in Europe and the United States in Lyme endemic regions such as the highlands of Scotland and the mountain ranges of the US state of Vermont treating Lyme clients from all over America and the world, continually studying and learning various advanced skills and techniques, resulting in him specialising in the Biomagnetic treatment of Lyme disease. Rob's client base is now more than 90% chronic Lyme disease sufferers ranging from children as young as 4 years old to the ripe old age of 97, with a number of highly successful cases being published in newspapers such as The Irish Examiner and The Evening Echo. Rob is passionate and dedicated to the complete and full recovery of every one of his clients, his firm belief being that no matter how debilitated or chronically ill, anybody can completely recover from Lyme Disease with the help of this revolutionary new therapy, the Biomagnetic Pair.


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Please note: Rob Renehan is not a medical doctor and he does not provide any medical diagnoses.  Biomagnetism is not a substitute for medical care.  In the event of an illness you should seek medical advice from your doctor or primary health care professional.